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We are 100% locally owned business unlike the competition. Member of the Nanaimo Lions Club and Nanaimo Ambassador. We care about diversity, which is why we try to hire new immigrants to give them a new start, skills, opportunity and exposure to the resources that are available. fence company composite decking construction company


We perfect every project as if it was our own. Take pride in quality and maintaining a perfect score.  As a millennial, we value time and promptness. We respond to e-mails, text and phone calls same-day 7 days a week. We work flexible hours to adapt to your schedule and can make appointments for any day of the week


Our Crew is Professional, Experienced and well paid. We make sure you have your details met with accuracy, 100% satisfaction. Create something for you. We have Value, Quality & Talent. You will be involved in the process from start to finish. 


Text for fastest response time. Please Leave a Voicemail if you are calling.

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  Heavily Involved in the community. Nanaimo Lions club's Board of director and Facebook admin. Also Nanaimo ambassador.

Earned a Black Belt in Tae kwon do. Trained with the Olympians and National athletes.  Speaks English, Russian, Uzbek and little Farsi. Started selling gums at age 5. Opened Logical Fence in his early 20s in Lower Mainland. Started as a specialized metal fencer. However, due to customer's demand and quality, expanded to custom wood fences.   Moved to North Nanaimo and had to start all over. 


Receiving appreciation award at the annual spring conference, couple of months after joining the Lions club. 


Rob moved to Canada when he was 12 years of age. The year he got hit by a car. Doctor flew from Russia St.Petersburg to Uzbekistan to perform a 6 hour surgery on his skull to release the pressure from swelling. Cut open the skull and closed it up (no medical issues). Had a life changing event and it was the beginning. Same year 6 months after the event he and his family moved to Canada after 6 months. 2 years or so after the family arrives to Canada the family separates. Another journey after another journey continues(will be a book one day) and here we are you are reading this at this moment.